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The Activity would be executing waiting for persistence, the Workflow Runtime would be waiting to persist until the Activity completed – classic deadlock.

Invoke Workflow uses a service that is installed by default – IStart Workflow – which works create in the async case – but doesn’t work in the sync case. One aspect of WF that I try to emphasize to people when I do my WF trainings is that even though there are well-known services inside of the Workflow Runtime – you can add any number of services which won’t be known to the Workflow Runtime – but can be used by your Activities.

The WF built-in Invoke Workflow Activity invokes another workflow – but does it asynchronously.

It turns out to do is synchronously you have to build a custom activity – mostly because synchronously you have to make some assumptions about the workflow you are calling.

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Set Read Only Property in the constructor – both are necessary to get Collections to serialize correctly into your .designer file.

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No need to keep state about workflow instances around in the service – the anonymous delegates get registered and unregistered for each Workflow execution.

To get the data back to the Activity – the Workflow Queue name that the Activity created – so the Activity can return Activity Execution Status.

In fact this is necessary in some cases (like this one) where the code you want to execute would be “illegal” inside of Activity.

Execute (things like spawning threads or anything that would go against the model of WF in terms of what Activities should do).

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