Playfire trophy card not updating

Below I will post my trophy card which has my own custom theme.Today announced a major update to their PS3 trophy card system. Achievements copies Ratchet and Clanks' SKILLS system LIPS copies Sing Star New xbox menu copies XMB. copies BUZZ Avatars copies HOME and Mii's "You're in the movies" copies PS EYE games Banjoo Koozie copies LBP Microsoft copies the PS3 by releasing a larger HDD Microsft copies Trophies by releasing "Medals" for some games Microsoft copies PS3's High Def format by releasing HDDVD add-on Xbox copies PS2 with the DVD Xbox copies PS2 Microsoft copies Sony by releasing a game system So, really, STFU. i never doubted that PSN would eventually catch up to Live.You would think that closing your browser would reset it automatically.It may be because I access this site through my favorites so it isnt completely reloading the site every time. The newer cards will probably phase out the older anyway, they're probably too busy working on the new On the good side, you'll throw a few extra golds etc on here and there, inbetween, and then the expected update will hopefully not wait for the next My card is well below par, I couldn't give a .... I even closed my browser and shut down my computer yesterday.

Actually when I'm done playing sometimes I go check trophies which syncs.

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They will automatically sync with your PSN and you are not required to give out your password.

Thanks for the heads up though that worked, mods do your thing and give this a close/delete.

I had this image in my head of a British man talking a nice pleasant walk in the woods.

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