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“ While it's a nice gesture to warn PS3 owners about the storage limitation, it's also somewhat ironic that the whole point of owning a home console was to avoid having to open up cases and replace parts like in a PC.That's not to mention that I would likely imagine that most people have already upgraded their hard drives at some point after they realized that the 12GB unit wasn't going to afford them much room for either installing games or adding a ton of DLC to the unit.For those of you who actually have not upgraded from that archaic 12GB hard drive, Rockstar offers a quick-link to Sony's official support site for upgrading and changing your PS3's hard drive. Rockstar Games has released a brand new update for Grand Theft Auto V on the Play Station 3 and Xbox One.This new GTA V update deals improves the Anti-Cheat measures in the game as well as includes various bug fixes.

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