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taking over almost all theater screens in South Korea has prompted the nation's government to introduce a new law that will prevent a single feature film playing on more than 40% of their total number of cinema slots.

At this point, legal, institutional measures for screen monopoly seem necessary,” would take over the majority of screenings all over the world during its opening weekend.shows intense depictions of combat with a lot of graphic, gory gunshot wounds.There are many gory, bloody depictions of the injured and dead that include women and children as well as soldiers.The Marvel brand has a massive presence in South Korea specifically considering that the country has been a popular destination for MCU's location shoots with both having shot parts there.Further, the fact that it was one of the pit stops of the film's global press tour should've been an indication that it would be a force at the South Korean box office.

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Profanity is strong and frequent, mostly variations of "f--k," "s--t," and "damn." There is some drinking as well.

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